about ColorStruck

One fateful night at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square, Rick Jenkins booked Sandy Asai, Janet Cormier, Deb Farrar-Parkman, Bethany Van Delft, Lakshmi Balachandra, Alana Devich and Malene Welch together on one show and bam! Women of Color in Comedy was born. Cambridge had the fever for the flavor, and it was a sold out audience. The club was forced to turn away as many people as the club held.

By popular demand, the show expanded to two nights and two venues: the Comedy Studio and Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater. Eventually the show officially moved to JTOB and expanded to three shows over three nights, and became known as "ColorStruck:Women of Color in Comedy".

The cast of comics is ever rotating, growing, evolving. Some of our past performers are living in new cities pursuing comedy careers (Malene in LA, Alana and Tissa in San Francisco), some make it back for a show or 2 (Ku will be back from NYC this year). We've made many new friends along the way, veterans we are thrilled to perform with (Michelle Buteau, Susan Alexander, Alycia Cooper) as well as hot new faces we are excited to follow and grow with (Sheila Jackson, Asie Mohtarez, Phoebe Robinson).

Keep up with all of us here. And say hi sometimes, we like to hear from you.