Thursday, October 21, 2010

¿Questions? with... Asie Mohtarez

Hometown: Tehran, Iran and Old Bridge, NJ

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

Who is your favorite Jersey Shore castmate? - DJ PAULY D! If he grew in his eyebrows I'd def hit that

Where should the next Real Housewives be? - Real Housewives of Kandahar

If you could produce your own reality show what would it be? - A show about my interactions with my mom in Jersey. Sitting down to a home cooked meal, taking the first forkful and being asked, "Did you get implant? You're boobs are so beeg in your Facebook peekchair." Facepalm.

What is your favorite mode of communication? - Face to face conversation -- kickin' it like it's 1997!

411 or google? - Google, duh.

Thong or brief? - cotton

What is your favorite muffin flavor? - My mom believes muffins are for fat girls so probably Lemon Poppy.

Who or what is your comedic inspiration? - Eddie Murphy, Rachel Feinstein,

What is your favorite nail color name? - This gorgeous OPI color "After-being-4-Days-Late-My-Period-Came -Thank God-Red"

What makes you want to punch someone in the face? - I find it difficult to hurt other people unless you’re walking diagonally on the sidewalk during rush hour, texting/mapping/watching Mortal Combat. Then I will cross check you like a pent up ginger playing night league hockey.

Why are you a woman of color? - Probably because I'm of Middle Eastern decent but mostly because I've been getting my hair relaxed since I was 16, desperately trying to acclimate into white American culture.

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  1. Chica you deserve a hug & high % just for that last answer alone!!!