Thursday, November 18, 2010

¿Questions? with... Deb Farrar Parkman

Current City:  Dorchester  ... Can't afford to live tthere. Can't afford to leave there. 

Who is your favorite Jersey Shore castmate?   GTL, baby... somebody's gotta love him 'cuz his mama probably don't!

Where should the next Real Housewives be? Cleveland, cuz everybody on the show would be Pookie!

If you could produce your own reality show what would it be?  The Rock Loves Deb:  An Unrequited "Reality-based" Love Story

What is your favorite mode of communication? Texting

411 or google? Google

Thong or brief?  For him or me?

What is your favorite muffin flavor?  Don't do muffins

Who or what is your comedic inspiration?  The Who are many: Richard Pryor, Moms Mabley, Hazelle, Wanda Sykes, George Carlin and Richard Jeni. The inspiration:  Everytime someone opens their mouth and talks and you know immediately that the person is clearly part of the "Fake it 'Til You Make It" mentality.  Guess what?  I know you're faking it and you will "make it" into my stand-up.

What is your favorite nail color name?  Treat Me Like A Queen!

What is the worse pet a human can have?  An imaginary one.  They don't know when it's hungry, or needs to be fed or walked or bathed.

What makes you want to punch someone in the face? Really??? Violence??? Don't make me have to punch you.

Why are you a woman of color? My complexion, my heart and my soul make me such. And my parents had a hell of a lot to do with it as well, especially my mother and grandmothers, God bless their souls.  I am them and they were me. Furthermore, as a woman of color, I get to have another woman living inside of me.  You know the one everybody at work gets to see when we get mad.... One friend has Pookie visit her job at least once a week.  Another friend, who is of the religious persuasion has Beulah hanging around waiting to be called into battle.   In my case, Kizzy lives inside of me.  Get me mad, and you'll be the one singing "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've seen."

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