Tuesday, November 16, 2010

¿Questions? with Esther Ku

Current city: new York city. 

Where should the next Real Housewives be? Real housewives should be in Salem NH ...

If you could produce your own reality show what would it be? My reality show would be a hidden camera show of the women who cheat on their husbands w sexy gardeners and pool boys.

What is your favorite mode of communication? Communication - oral communication is always best.

411 or google? Google.

Who or what is your comedic inspiration? Jim Carey, Rowan Atkinson, Phyllis Diller

What is the worse pet a person can have? Cat.

Why are you a woman of color? I'm a woman of color because they call me yellow but I'm not that yellow. The Simpsons are yellow. Nobody calls marge a woman of color.

Learn more about Ku at www.funnyku.com, or friend her on Facebook.

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