Thursday, November 11, 2010

¿Questions? with… Janet Cormier

 Hometown: Hollis, NY
Current City: Jamaica Plain, MA        

Where should the next Real Housewives be?    Capitol Hill 

 If you could produce your own reality show what would it be?    Real Husbands of Capitol Hill.

What is your favorite mode of communication?  Talking

411 or google?  Google

Who or what is your comedic inspiration?   Life, ability to open your eyes and get up every morning is very underestimated         

What is the worse pet a human can have?  Another human.

Why are you a woman of color?  Each woman defines her place and connection with the world around her. This woman of color is connected to other women/people of color by our collective intellectual, spiritual, economic, political and aesthetic consciousness borne from a shared historical experience (colonialism). My definition has brought me great joy and some disappointment. But in either case, it is where my comedy comes from.

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